Is Content Marketing Part of Your Recruitment Strategy?

Is the cornerstone of your recruitment process a web-based applicant tracking system? That may be great for you, but it is not sending the right message to potential candidates. In the midst of cutting and pasting paragraphs from a resume and interacting with dozens of drop-down lists, it's hard for candidates to see your organization as people-centered, little less mission driven.

The good news is that there's an easy fix. Writing in Forbes, Brian Sutter argues that content marketing can help you improve retention and attract higher quality employees.

Sutter advocates building profile pages for select employees. It's a great idea. They act as both testimonials and ways to underscore desired values and attributes. In addition, profiles should feature multiple photos of the employee interacting with other employees in the workplace. In short, profile pages tell a story. It's a story you'll want and need potential candidates to here. Done right, and they convey why your company is where candidates want to grow their career.

Profile pages can also help with another chronic problem facing health care organizations: employee retention. As part of a comprehensive employee retention plan, profile pages are a low cost means for rewarding star performers. For those profiled, it's a chance for nationwide -- actually, international -- exposure.

Given the advantages, profile pages are an important addition to your consumer-facing website. If resources are tight this quarter, I can help you make that happen. Click Contact to start a conversation.