Two Cardinal Rules of Copywriting

Back last December, Matt Brennan wrote a post on six copywriting tips to make your work stand out from the crowd. For those of us living in the world of health care content marketing, it's pretty basic stuff. Still, a couple of points are well worth repeating.

It’s about them, not you – If your website is 100 percent about how great, smart, or perfect you are, you may be doing it wrong. Sure, you need to strike a confident tone, but you also need to address customer needs. Your website is about how well you meet your customers’ needs. It’s about serving. Not taking.
Strike a conversational tone – Your website doesn’t need to sound like an academic dissertation. Write it like you’re talking to a customer over a cup of coffee. That conversational tone sets up a level of authenticity. Go ahead and use contractions, spell out your acronyms on first use, reduce the geek-speak, and simply write how you talk.

Read Matt's post here.