About Steve

The Short Version

In 1968, I was a little kid on a cold surgical table fighting the anesthesia. It tasted like metal. The guy on my right told me to breath in and it would go away.

He lied.

I haven’t forgotten.

Over the decades, providers have made great strides. They understand the importance of patient-centered care. They intuitively get that treating the whole patient includes keeping them informed. What is said to patients and their families matters. The same is true for how it is said. 

Those same words apply when it comes to content on your website, newsletters, and direct mail.

My specialty as a health care copywriter is in honoring the customer’s perspective. I've been in and out of hospitals most of my life. I've been on the inside for 13 years and the outside for a few more. I’m proud of my track record for success.

My passion is in helping health care providers craft messaging that resonates with customers, employees, and the world.


The Slightly Longer Version

Steve Brewer is a freelance health care writer. He crafts compelling copy that influences. 

Steve earned his Bachelor of Science (with Honors) and Master of Arts in applied psychology from Western Michigan University. He holds certifications from Indiana University and multiple training organizations. To the best of his knowledge, he is paid up on all parking tickets and library fines.

Steve honed his writing skills in business, developing scripts, job aids, and web-based training courses for companies ranging from Chase to United Airlines. Whether crafting keynotes for executives, designing internal marketing campaigns or ghostwriting blogs, he is known for implementing solutions that connect with audiences.

Across his career, he has consulted with leading organizations in the Health Care, Telcom, Finance, Tech, Energy, and Higher Ed sectors. During a 13-year “tour of duty” in health care, he led the corporate course development function, wrote business plans, and served with senior leaders on far too many committees. He was also the principal author for a national award winning web-based training course on HIPAA compliance and a multi-year effort to unify legacy organizations and build a common culture by developing concept, content, and integration strategy for a new company credo. 

Steve lives in North Texas with his 15-pound watchdog, Gracie. Between the two of them, the latter has more interest in UPS trucks.