Tell the right stories.


You've worked hard to create the right culture and build a better experience for every patient, every time. The focus on outcomes and accountability is paying off. 

The problem is getting others to notice. 

The key is to frame your messaging from the customer's perspective, persuading without preaching, in the context of information that's important to them. 

It is time to create engaging content that builds relationships with customers, co-workers, and the world. There is an art to telling stories that influence. It's what I do.  

Speak "health care."

You want to partner with someone who knows your world. I've been in and out of hospitals most of my life. I've been on the inside for 13 years and the outside for a few more. Whether it's Skilled Nursing Units or C-suites, I understand your challenges and get what needs to be done.  

I can help you

  • Hit targets when you are swamped.
  • Write consumer-friendly copy for websites, case studies, and newsletters.
  • Execute on the communication plan for a new initiative.
  • Craft messaging for specific clinical and non-clinical audiences.

Whether it's reaching out to future customers or your own internal audience, I'll be able to contribute on Day 1.

Hand-holding is not required.


Get the job done.

Work come in all shapes and sizes. So does pricing. The simple stuff starts at $250.

Whenever possible, I prefer project-based pricing. By clearly setting expectations and mapping out deliverables on the front end, it limits risk for both of us. The focus needs to be on quality content and not the number of hours it takes to make it happen. 

Let's start the conversation. Call 817.584.8016 or click Contact.